Thought for the day: Upcoming projects

A few months back I posted some tidbits I had written for a book I was working on.

I have decided to add and revamp the book.

Meaning you guys will be getting more tidbits of some new stuff along with some oldies that have been polished and perfected.

Along with working on A Blonde’s Guide, I have started another side project to occupy all the spare time I have.


It is along the lines of following the ending of A Blonde’s Guide.

I will be editing and adding to both of these projects meaning you readers of my blog will be reading and giving me feedback on all sorts of new stories.

Funny stories.  Romantic stories. Sad stories…and all of the above.

As some of you know all of these stories are real as well, none of them have been changed in any way.

I like to write my experiences because I find my life quite humourous..let’s be real.

My luck is HORRIBLE when it comes to certain things…


But one thing I love, is that I can laugh at those experiences and write about it.

So expect to see some parts of these “in-the-process” books coming soon to get your feedback.

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