Thought for the day: Making a stand

I feel like there is always drama when you make a stand for something you think is right.

Whether the other person agrees with you or not.

It is especially difficult to stand up to someone of higher power than you…especially when you are one of many who THINK similar thoughts, but you are the ONLY one to say something.

I mean, I suppose confrontation is going to happen on occasion to prevent yourself from being taken advantage of in a working situation…

However, either way it still is unpleasant no matter how you slice it.

This is why it is hard to separate that fine line between friends outside of the work place.

Confrontation is never fun, especially when dealing with two members of staff in manager roles.

Talk about nerve-racking.

Plus, if you deal with confrontation and nerves like me, you get upset quite easily when the other person is lying their way out of EVERYTHING!

Some people just luck out.

I keep getting told eventually they will get caught up in their lies.

May make things awkward at work as well, since you both still work there.

I would say don’t make things awkward.

Don’t give the other person the satisfaction of showing you’re upset.

Show them who the bigger person in the situation is, even if they are unprofessional, you stay strong and keep your chin up.


Sometimes you just have to do what you’ve got to do to keep yourself stress free and happy in your work place.



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