Thought for the day: something I would never do

I’m sitting here…watching “don’t tell the bride”… I would NEVER in my life allow my future hubby to plan the entire wedding.

Watching this show makes me cringe.

When their fiancé picks out their wedding dress and gets it wrong, I can’t help but feel for these ladies.

BIGGEST DAY OF A GIRLS LIFE….come on fellas…


Planning a wedding is part of the fun (and stress) of getting married.

I mean, a girl has some specific standards when it comes to her picturesque wedding that some girls have been planning since they were a child.

I mean, I give these girls props, because I would never fully trust a guy to put together my entire wedding.

That’s a lot of of trust and stress hoping they think of you while they plan.

Let alone when they pick out the dress.

I mean, I am one who is super picky when it comes to dresses, and a bit self conscious when it comes to what shapes suit my body and which don’t.

So, to trust a man to pick something out for me that I hadn’t even tried on….uhh pass.

And I’m a sucker for tradition…no seeing the bride before the wedding.

I want my future hubby to see me in that beautiful white gown for the first time and be In awe.

But again, I think part of wedding planning is the bonding with your future spouse with planning such a special day.

Perhaps I’m just a control freak? Or too traditional? Either way, no way would my fiancé EVER plan our entire wedding without my help.

Nope, nope, nope.

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  1. So why are we seeing a blog about weddings? You are not even 30 yet! also, why would a girl want to marry a guy who wants to be the wedding planner and pick out a dress?

  2. I’m pretty sure Paddy and I could come up with some kickass ideas… mind you, you can choose between a mediocre wedding and an awesome one that you and your family will remember forever.

    • Could you imagine you and Paddy planning my wedding? I would end up in some random venue with a strange Lady Gaga dress…hahahaha oh dios mio!

      • well… that’s the least that could happen… I had something way crazier in my mind but yeah, let’s stick with the gaga dress lol

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