Thought for the day: Romance and guys

Now, most girls long for the ideal man.

The one who will sweep her off her feet with love and romance and chocolate roses.

But let’s be real shall we…98% of men don’t have a romantic bone in their bodies.

So, I take what I can get.

Now, I don’t expect my man to always shower me with romance…it ruins when he does actual plan something fun and romantic.

For example. My boyfriend just surprised me today with tickets to go to a bonfire and see some fireworks.

Was I expecting it?


Am I super imposed and exited he planned (intentional or not) a cute, romantic-ish date night for us?


Whether he knows it or not, I’m so exited to have a fun, unique date night with him.

So ladies, I’m telling you from experience. Men aren’t usually romantic…but when they are, cherish that moment.

Don’t expect then to always be this perfect…but know it is possible.

Helps us to realize romance is not a hopeless cause in a relationship.

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