Thought for the day: the task of job hunting

I truly can not think of a more annoying task in life than job searching once you finish your degree.

You get a degree to get a better job.

However, you apply for these jobs and they want experience.

Now, I just paid £10k for a Masters degree and you won’t give me the interview because I lack experience?

Shouldn’t a degree be worth more experience because you gained that much more knowledge?

Call me crazy…but this whole career finding thing is a bit silly.

You want experience….but you won’t hire us because we lack experience….so how do we get experience without being hired??

Why don’t you hire young professionals and mold them into what you want…that way they can move up in your company and succeed the way you want them to?

Apparently this entire situation frustrates me.

As I sit here watching people swim back and forth…all I can think it “glad I have a MA and I lifeguard a 17 meter pool…”

All I am saying is we spend hours dazzling up our CVs and resumes and years getting experience to add to them only to send in our applications only to get a automated response about how we weren’t correct for the job..or no response at all.

I am going to start sending out a cover letter that literally says,


You think I am joking? I am not.

My professors in the past have always said to make myself stand out to potential employers….so how about a bold starting statement like that?

Give me the chance, in person, I’ll prove to you I deserve the job…..contrary to what your assumptions are only by looking at my CV.

Is anyone else as frustrated as I am? Or is it just me?

Job hunting….you annoy me. Wish me luck..time to go send out another 50 or so applications….WOOOO!

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     /  August 27, 2012

    LOL – I think you may have hit on a good point!! Maybe the first thing under your name should be ‘Goals: …… and then you can say what you wrote (in a more positive way though) and that does make you stand out more…worth a try I say! 😉 Go for it girl!! I did raise you to be your own person that God made you to be, so maybe this is one more step in that direction. At least it does give you something to blog 😉 Love you!


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