Thought for the day: Baby’s first day home

Today is the day! Andi and mommy get to come home from the hospital.

My mom has been doing all of their laundry.

I folded almost all of the baby clothes and put them away (THAT BABY HAS A BETTER CLOSET THAN ME!)

Now, we wait….

(a few hours later)


Mommy and daddy look a bit knackered. So, they hand the baby off to me while they both take a shower and get themselves situated back into their home.

Baby was doing well, not too many tears. When they brought her in she was sleeping….and my brother left it to me to wake her up so that she could eat.

So I stole the pacifier from her mouth..and yup, I got some tears.

Baby cries are so cute and sweet. I love them.

After baby got fed and everyone got everything sorted, we went out for some pizza.

Andi got to go to her first restaurant and did a fabulous job with no tears.

Now we are back and wish us luck, baby’s first night at home…should be interesting.


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