Thought for the day: My luck at airports

Okay, so as you know I travelled to Japan for my niece’s birth…

Well…here is my story of how I (somehow) managed to make my flights.

I started off in London. Went to check-in. Figured there would be no issue.


The guy at check-in was adamant that I needed a Japan Visa…HA! A JAPAN VISA FOR A TWO WEEK VISIT? You have got to be joking..

So after he makes a few phone calls and asks me a few questions, he realises I don’t need a visa. Lovely.

Off to security I go.

Surprise, surprise…I get frisked twice because the wire in my bra or something kept making the alarm go off.

Then I think I am done, and I get pulled aside to have my purse checked for drugs.

FINALLY! I get to board my flight to Shanghai where I will have a layover before Okinawa and I get stopped yet AGAIN.

The boarding agent told me I needed a Japan Visa…LIES! So she makes a few more calls, comes to conclusion that I don’t need a visa and ta-duh! I get to fly to China.

Once I get to China (which was earlier than expected) I realise I have a 20 hour layover…in a country that doesn’t speak English…and barely anything is written in English.


Get told since my flight was not till the next day I must pick up my baggage and wait over night to check in for my Okinawa flight. Fabulous.

However, I did not have a China Visa and I had to go through customs to claim my baggage (not well thought out, I know).

So customs gives me major issues…and even takes me to a room and asks me a series f questions before giving me a day permit to stay in China until my connecting flight.

After all the drama I decided to get a hotel room and relax a bit before my flight to Okinawa.

Okinawa seemed fine. Check in went smoothly. Security of course I made the sensor go off, but it all seemed fine.

UNTIL I got to Okinawa customs.

Bad news bears. I did not have the address where I was staying because it was on Facebook and my 3G was not working.

10 minutes later I finally got the information I needed and they let me into Japan.

Just in time too! A few hours after I arrived at the hospital (which I went to straight from the airport) my niece was born!

All-in-all. The thee days of travel were completely worth every stress and no sleep because I got to help bring my niece into the world. 🙂


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