Thought for the day: Packing….oh lawdy

So, I am attempting to pack for my two week holiday in Japan. 

My lovely sister-in-law warned me that the weather is extremely warm and a bit wet at the moment. 

Fantastic! Means I can pack a swim suit…

or two swim suits (can’t wear the same one every day)…

and a few dressed…aka 8 or 9 dresses.

Also, I cannot forget to pack shorts. Since I only have two pair with me, packed both, ya know. 

THEN I need shirts to go with the shorts. Hmm…let’s say about seven shirts. 

But what if we go to dinner and I need jeans?

Two pairs of jeans: CHECK!

Blazers. A MUST. But do I pack the black one or the white one? Both? Lovely!

And we can’t forget my new denim jacket! Winning.

OH! And along with all the other things I need to pack like electronics, toiletries and make up. 


TOMS: Check!

Brown sandals: Check! 

Black flats: Check!

Trainers: Check! 

Which reminds me, I also had to pack a few outfits to work out in. Ya know, totally always work out on vacation…duh! 

Why is it that I justify bringing all these items on a two week holiday where there are washers/dryers if needed? Who knows.

I am a girl. Over packing is what I do. 

Luckily, I am a BOMB packer and have managed to fit all those items into a pretty small suitcase. 


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  1. Jordan, leave half your stuff home. Your mom is meeting you there, and we both know you will be shopping anyway. Leaving stuff home gives you lots of excuses, and maybe even a reason or two, to buy new stuff! The kids all say Hi.

  2. Stephanie

     /  July 18, 2012

    Good thing you brought that pink polka dotted dress!! 🙂


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