Thought for the day: Let’s birth a baby!

So, on Sunday I leave my home in London to venture to Okinawa, Japan for two weeks.

The reason? To help and support my brother and sister-in-law welcome their first child (and my first Niece) into the world.

However, I have not been able to sleep. So many emotions are running rough my mind.

I will get to see my brother, which is always something I am excited about. I haven’t seen him since February 2011 and the last time I saw him there was family drama in the mix.

I also Get to meet my sister-in-law,Meghan, for the first the EVER! So that is quite emotional as well. She and I have talked on Skype and Facebook, but I have no truly met her yet.

Then, on top of it all, I get to he bring my new niece, Andi, into this world. I am a first time auntie and could not be more excited to be there when she is born to meet her and hold her and love her.

Meghan is being induced the day after I get to Japan, which also brings up my worrying emotions.

My head is filled with “what if”s.

I worry for her and the baby.

To add to my emotional chaotic mind, my mom is also going to be meeting me in Japan for those two weeks as well.

And I don’t think you realise just how much I love my mommy.

So,seeing her and experience all these new things with her, Meghan and Stuart is something I a,so excited for.

There will be laughs, stress, smiles and most likely tears.

I am bracing myself for a emotional roller coaster of a holiday, but in the end it will be worth ever stress and thought I have concerned myself with.

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