Thought for the day: My reaction to liars

I am not sure what it is about lies..

But something about them really just gets to me.

When you are close to someone, you trust them…you don’t expect them to lie to you.

Especially not to your face.

I had a recent mess of a situation come to my attention where I found out two people close to me AND another friend lied to my face…on more than one occasion.

Sadly, when the truth came out…the fact they lied about it and kept up the lie for a couple of months hurt more than what they lied about.

So much for these people understanding me like I thought they did.

Apparently, I was wrong.

Lying is the one thing I won’t tolerate from people in my life.

If I trust you, and you trust me…lying will never make things better.

I am all about telling the truth (even if it hurts) because for me, if you truly want to bring me to tears…lie to me.

So, please people…if you are my friend or want to be a considered a close friend…DON’T LIE TO ME!

And for the three I am referring to in this post…this is a warning..I forgive you and still love you.

However, don’t lie to me again…you’ve already lost a majority of my trust…next time you might just lose a friend.

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