GM Diet: Day Four

Sorry folks, I had to give in and eat some protein.

I decided this diet would be great if I wanted to starve myself, but the food that you were to eat along with the lack of vital nutrients made me crave protein more than you can imagine.

AND IM A PESCATERIAN! (I only eat fish)

Honestly, I think this diet has some okay plans, but I just can’t eat another piece of melon or eat another can of corn without losing it.

I think if you did this general idea of a diet, but added some source of protein in there come day three/four, you could possibly make it.

I feel much better today with some salmon in my system.

Cravings are gone, tummy is happy.

Also, lemon water (warm) helps with the cravings as well.

I am sure there are much better diets out there that make you less hungry and cause you to have less cravings.

If this worked for you though, that is fantastic! You have much more will power than I do.

I, however, love food!

I am American after all. 😉

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