GM Diet: Day two

Well, due to going out last night, I slept through most of my day two which I believe in the end helped me out.

Either way, day two is suppose to be ALL VEGGIES.

They encourage you to start your first meal off with a potato (they say you can add one slab of butter…which is nice).

So, by the time I was functioning and ready to eat it was about dinner-ish time.

I made myself a potato along with a can of corn.

Later on, before I fell back asleep (which was like 9p, yes, I am an old lady). I also made got myself some cucumbers.

Now, I cheated a bit and had a little bit of cream cheese with my cucumber.

I was not nearly as hungry or sluggish by day two which was  a nice change from day one.

I also should have drank alot more water during day two.

Only real downside, I am craving a diet coke. Resisting the bubbly yumminess of diet coke is becoming quite difficult…but don’t worry, I am staying strong.

Day two complete. Let’s go day three 🙂

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