GM Diet: Day One

Day one of the dieting is off to an okay start.

The guidelines for this diet say today is ONLY FRUIT EXCEPT BANANAS

The guidelines also encourage you to eat mainly melons as your sources of fruit on this day, helps to jump start the Weight loss process.


So, I bought myself one of those melon variety fruit packs from the grocery store. It contained cantaloupe, watermelon and honey dew melon.

Can I just add that I really don’t like melon, love fruit, minus melon.

So, needless to say, the 400g melon variety I ate for breakfast was a bit hard to eat. Although, I did manage to make myself it all.

So, if you like melon…this day will be well easier for you that it is for me so far.


Now, I bought some dried fruit to change it up a bit for myself today.

Two hours later, I am hungry once again….so I’m picking at some dried apricots.

**On my breaks at work I am also swimming to wake myself up and to get my body moving. Makes me feel better, since life guarding is a lot of sitting down.

1000m is about 250kcals.

The diet guidelines don’t say to work out, but I think 30minutes of cardio a day won’t hurt the weight loss process.**



For dinner I had two apples and a sandwich bag mixed with raspberries and blueberries.

About 5pm I started quickly losing energy and feeling a bit sluggish.

The lack of food and the heat fro, my job probably are to blame for the headache as well.

I have drank plenty of water, pretty sure I have exceeded the 12 glass mark.

All together I feel quite good!

One rule of this diet is no alcohol, however, it is a bank holiday, so I believe a glass of wine will be an okay cheat.

Plus, with the lack of substantial food I’ve eaten today, one glass of white wine is all it will take and I’ll be good for the evening.

Day one = success! Bring on day two!! 🙂

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