Thought for the day: The GM Diet

I have made a deal with myself. Since I am working at a gym and constantly feel the need to get fit, it is time to get my little self back to looking and feeling athletic again.

I have begun swimming daily, that is a good start.

And along with my current diet pescaterian and gluten free, I am already feeling fitter.

However, my weight loss goal of 10lbs (about 5kg for my English friends) I need a bit of a jump start.

I’ve set myself a goal: lose the weight and I can get another tattoo.

Now, the right jump start diet to help me out…

I had a friend who recently tried the GM (General Motors) diet.

Now, this diet is pretty intense. It’s 7 days with a strict diet plan.

I figured “why not give it a try?”

So, the next seven days I will be following this diet plan and blogging daily about how it’s working and how I feel.

Complete honesty! That way if you want to try it as well, you can!

My body type? I am about 5ft 3in and weigh about 150lbs (70kgs or 11st)

I am about the average woman’s build; curvy in the right places, but wishing I had a little extra cushion if ya know what i mean.

Also, please note I’m doing the vegetarian version of the GM diet, the normal version allows you to eat beef on day four and five I believe.

So, wish me luck! And be prepared for some feedback on this diet trend. 🙂

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