Thought for the day: Chipotle Loveeeee

So, since I am doing this gluten-free deal in my diet, along with already being a veg head, I figured I should probably see just what I should avoid at one of my favourite places to eat:


Usually I get the vegetarian burrito bowl. So no meat and lots of veggies and yummies.

However, I usually enjoy eating it with chips because it just gives it something extra yummy to enjoy with my meal.

But you can never be sure with chips if there is gluten or not, so I went to the Google machine, typed in nutrition information and like magic, it took me to the page that has made my day today.

A majority of Chipotle’s menu is gluten-free!

How amazing is that!

(Mom, I am also writing this because I know how much Samuel LOVES Chipotle, just like his big sister.) 🙂

There are only a few things that you need to watch out for if you are eating gluten-free.

Don’t get the soft shell tortillas for a burrito. Go with the hard shell tacos or the burrito bowl + chips.

Also, if you get the salad, the dressing has gluten in it as well as the tomato salsa, this is because they are vinegar based which includes gluten.

However, other that that…you are GOLDEN!

So all you gluten-free people, such as myself, go out and get yourself some yummy Chipotle and enjoy it!

You are welcome 😉

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