Thought for the day: More gluten free fun

Now, as I mentioned in a blog post about a month or so ago. I went gluten-free.

Not because it is a new diet trend, but because of my little brother.

Losing almost 10lbs since I started, shows me that I am definitely doing something right.

I have only changed my eating. I still don’t exercise (yes, I know that I should). And I do still drink alcohol when I am with my friends.

I have strictly cut out the gluten from my diet (as much as I can with being a college student).

However, knowing I have a bit of a reaction to gluten now is easier for me to recognise just how my body reacts.

The last week specifically I have had no free time, so eating out seemed like the genius idea.

I only put back on about 2lbs that I lost which is great. However, the reaction my body had because of the gluten is showing on my chin.

Yup, my face broke out. Which, funny enough is one of the signs of a gluten allergy. Go figure.

So, I am proud to say I just went to the store and stocked up on my gluten-free nom noms and am starting back to completely gluten-free today.

Zits be gone now. K thanks 🙂

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