Thought for the day: My plans to stay in London

So, I have decided I need more than one plan when it comes to figuring out how to stay in London once I graduate.

So, here are my game plans.

Plan A: Go to Law School in September

Issue with this plan? This requires either a scholarship or another giant student loan. Can I afford being in debt for the rest of my life? I am not sure yet.

Plan B: Change my start date for Law School to January and work full-time till then so I am able to pay most of my tuition by myself.

Downside? Still would need a student loan to help me live here.

Plan C: Get a full-time job making £20k+ a year that way I can get a working visa.

Problem with this plan…there are barely any journalism jobs so I would have to find something that did not pertain to my major.

Plan D: Marry an Englishman

That way I can stay here on a spouse visa and they can get clearance to like in the US. Only problem is I currently am extremely single and that does not leave a lot of time to find someone to marry.

I will stress more on Plan D in tomorrows thought for the day perhaps.

Until then, those are my plans…

I hope at least one of them works out..I really don’t want to move back to the States (no offense to all my lovely friends and family there, I love you but I love London as well)

Which plan will work? I shall keep you posted. 😉

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