Thought for the day: Drama of a postgraduate

Over the last week or so I have had more stress and anxiety and drama that I have ever had (almost) in my entire life.

So, I decided since I am finally able to breathe a little bit I would share some fun things that MA students..or at least the ones at my Uni…have to deal with.

1. Eviction letters for not paying rest. 

Listen…how am I suppose to pay my rent when the University won’t give me my student loan disbursement? Just curious as to how that works…because if I was rich, I would pay and would not need a student loan.

2. Getting my student loan money a week later than the set date.

Dear student funding office staff, if I get evicted…I am sleeping on your couch because you are slacking on giving students their money when you are suppose to. okay thanks.

3. Your professors ignore your e-mails about prior engagements and schedule you for an assessment during that engagement.

Thankfully for you (you know who you are) I have lovely coursemates who will gladly switch time slots with me. What is the point of having an e-mail if you don’t respond and/or ignore my request?

4. Spending 10+ hours working on one assessment, in one day, in the same room.

A bit ridiculous correct? I understand that I need to get the assessment done…but its hard to edit when the Uni has been closed due to holiday. So, no big deal, I did not have anything better to do on my Tuesday anyways.

5. Getting yelled at by a professor for some reason you are unaware of. 

Oh hey! Have not seen you in a month…sure you can yell at three of your MA students because of trying to use the editing software we are comfortable with instead of the new one you want us to use. Make sure to also raise your voice because “none of us ever know what is going on”…maybe that is because of the lack of direction we have on some assessments?

6. Lack of direction on assessments

An e-mail stating random things is truly not helpful. I know we are postgrads…but we still require some guidance. Especially since a majority of us are international students and we don’t all do things like the British do.

Needless to say I have had a frustrating week. However, most of my assessments are complete AND I did have lots of helpful advice from some tutors that are AMAZING.

Here’s  to hoping for the week to only improve! 🙂

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