Thought for the day: Who I would LOVE to go on a date with

Every girl has that one guy they would absolutely LOVE to go on a date with. Just one date. Or even just meet…

Most girls would pick someone like Zac Efron….or Chris Evans (Captain America) …or someone like that.

Well, I must say, I am a sucker for musicians.

Any guy with a set of pipes. OH MY GOODNESS!

This one specific person I would totally love to just hang out with for a day…is the extremely talented singer/songwriter

*drum roll please*

Chris August.

If you don’t know who that is…shame on you. Below I will put one of his YouTube links. Listen to it and love it.

Now, I actually have met Chris.

Winter Jam 2011 I was interning for SpiritFM and this cute guy comes up and starts talking to me at the SpiritFM tent.

Now, to my embarrassment at this point I had NO IDEA who he was. (Sorry Chris)

However, I instantly started chatting with him about his tattoo…which is super awesome! And as a lover of tattoos, how could I resist asking the story behind his and such? Right?

Luckily after a few minutes of tattoo discussion, Chris was distracted by someone else talking to him…and thank goodness for my fellow intern who then proceeded to whisper in my ear,

“ know who that is right? That’s Chris August.”

HA! If you all could have seen my face. It was a mix between shock and embarrassment for NOT KNOWING THAT.

The next day I purchased his CD…and to this day its the only CD that has ever played in my car.

His music is amazing. The song I posted below is 7×70 which hits home for me in many ways..and still to this day makes me tear up.

Go check out his music. YouTube has some funny vids he posted as well.

With a personality like that AND a killer singing voice…

I am SOLD!

So Chris…if you ever read this…two things:

1. Please have a European tour and come to London (which is where I am currently living)

2. If you ever are in need of a coffee date…paintball date…movie date…WHATEVER. I will be happy to oblige 😉 

But seriously…so those who are reading this. Go check him out. He is a truly amazing and gifted artists.

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