Thought for the day: Dealing with those things you don’t want to

I have recently come across a slight dilemma in my family that I have been voted to deal with.

Now, this is not really a surprise. Mainly because I am fairly good at dealing with drama that happens in my family.

Some might say I am the “peace keeper” or the “middle man”. This would be pretty spot on.

And as the oldest, I do love this role.

Mainly due to the fact that this role helps me to help others in my family when they are going through something that they don’t/can’t deal with on their own.

Well, this is one of those situations where I know someone is going to get extremely angry…and possible not speak to me for a very long time.

However, that would be totally worth it since this particular person needs to know the ACTUAL truth about a certain situation that for 2 years he has yet to hear.

Me talking to this person will make his family happier, along with potentially help my family.

But it is going to be ugly…and we ALL know this fact.

Again though, I am going to handle this because I love this persons spouse and I know it will help her in their current situation.

Anger is a terrible thing that can rip apart a family.

Lies are another.

So it is time for me to help put an end to the lies and help ease some of the anger this person has…and temporarily put that anger towards me.

At least he will know the truth now…and it will make him a better husband and father in the long run.

So let the blood bath begin…I am going for it.

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