Thought for the day: The tinniest of blessings

I have decided every day there are little things that I do that I don’t seem to realise I should be thankful for.

Today was a gorgeous morning…and I should have been thankful that my walk to my NPLQ class was not in a down pour like it has been.

I also managed to find the gluten free section in the grocery store today..meaning I could buy soup, bread and biscuits (cookies for us Americans).

I realise that I should be enjoying the little things that make my life so much more simpler.

I passed my NPLQ test (UK equivalent to the American Red Cross lifeguarding test).

I am thankful that my parents taught me to swim and thanks to some great coaches throughout my life I am a very strong swimmer…and thanks to my previous bosses I am also extremely knowledgeable about life guarding.

How many times do we just go about our business not realising just how grateful we should be about the little blessings we receive every day?

How many times do we only stress on the negatives rather than the positives?

All I know is I have more than I ever thought I did to be thankful for on a daily basis.

So, food for thought today. Think about the little things you overlook…but really they are tiny blessings you SHOULD be thankful for.

Let those little simple pleasures be a positive in your day. 🙂

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