Thought for the day: One week gluten free

So my mom discovered my little brother may have a slight gluten allergy, which is causing him to pack/keep on extra LBS (or KG for the Europeans who read this).

When I was home my mom started having me try a gluten free diet, for the most part, since my little brother and I are so similar in all aspects of our lives:

Body type/metabolism included.

Plus, at the oldest…it is good to set a positive example for the little brother…

So, I made the decision to keep up the gluten free diet.

Might I add it is NOT EASY.

Grocery shopping. Eating out. Making dinner.

All those and more come with the trouble of looking at the ingredients and seeing if it contains gluten or not.

Some items I had no idea! Like SOUP! WHO KNEW?!

With a week of sticking to the gluten free diet…I feel SO MUCH BETTER!

I feel more energised during the day.

And I feel healthier over all.

Plus, I don’t feel quite so heavy like most do when they eat wheat…like in break or pasta.

Gluten free fills you up minus the SUPER FULL FEELING.

No weight loss yet, however I have heard with gluten free your body readjusts itself to being wheat free and LOVES YOU FOR IT.

So we shall see.

My little brother has already lost weight from going mostly gluten free AND his acne has decreased tremendously!

He is looking even more handsome that he already was. Soon I will be beating the ladies off with a stick 😉

(Don’t tell him I said that..he would get sooooo embarrassed)

Check it out though…I recommend it. I feel so much healthier! And in my little brothers case…it apparently works!


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