Thought for the day: My dating life realisation

When I was home I was called out multiple times for being too guarded…or too independent.

That is how I am…not much I can truly do to change that instantly.

However, I won’t lie to you and say those facts along with some others do not hurt my dating life.

Not saying I have not dated some great guys…I have. They are all wonderful in their own little way and I would not change them for the world.

But when do you realise the people you go for aren’t really what is best for you?

Talking to the man who is pretty much my father figure in my life, he flat-out told me what I already knew…but I needed someone else to say out loud for me to get it.

He looked at me and said “Jordan, you date boys who you know you don’t have to get emotionally attached to. You date people who you don’t have to let your guard down with…you pick SAFE people.”

I always knew what is what I did….but it is different when someone who sees you as a daughter tells you that to your face.

I do pick the safe bet. I pick the boys I can control (so to speak). I pick the boys I don’t have to get fully emotionally attached to.

How is that type helping me out in any way?

It is not…apparently.

I made a vow to change my dating type.

Will it be easy? Nope.

I don’t know if people can completely change their type…but I can certainly try…to better myself and my potential future.

Will it be worth it for me to date people I can let my guard down with?


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  1. Andee Goode

     /  April 16, 2012

    So the question is… do we retrain ourselves to choose the right men? And better yet are they even out there? I think that we just are intelligent and independent enough to surround ourselves with family/friends that fullfill us. How come this lifestyle is viewed upon negatively. No one defines who we are but ourselves. I like it that way:)

  2. Childish mind adult intentions

     /  April 17, 2012

    There is nothing wrong with independent women, in fact I think that they are the most attractive out there.
    I don’t really believe in types as well, there are people out there that we may not usually go for that just stand out from the crowd, give off a good vibe, or are just so damn attractive.
    Don’t force anything, you are who you are, its the other person that needs to be different.
    On the flip side, advice from one person doesn’t normally fit the next. You gotta do what ya gotta do 😀


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