Thought for the day: You can break me, but don’t mess with them

I am a VERY protective older sister.

With two younger brothers and a younger sister, the last thing someone wants to do is mess with them..because I may not look like it, but I can certainly bring it.

Currently, even though I live in another country, my youngest brother and sisters emotions are making their way across the pond to cause me stress.

It is one thing to be a terrible human being towards me…you know..never speaking to me…never acknowledging know.. I will get over it (in due time).

But really, to treat children like this!

You are freaking joking me! What kind of person are you?

They are two of the best kids I can you sit there and not be proud of them, not want to spend time with them, not love them?

When my 14-year-old brother tells me someone in his life rather sit on the phone talking to his girlfriend then spend time with him…how am I suppose to react?

You cause my siblings stress…you cause me stress.

You hurt my siblings…you hurt me.

That is how it works as the older sister.

Don’t play with their emotions. They are just kids. How is that fair to them?

Did you not learn your lesson by how you treated your other two children? Do you not see how you barely have a relationship with one and have a fake relationship with the other?

Apparently…you don’t see these things.

You disgust me… and I can only hope you realise your mistakes before you end up miserable and alone the rest of your life.

Enjoy your piles of money…your house on the water…and the girlfriend you have.

Years from now…none of those things will mean a thing.

You will be alone.

You will be miserable.

You will have lost what could have been your four pieces of pride and joy.

(For all of you who read this…I apologise for my rant…but I needed to get this off my chest. I appreciate the tolerance of this post.)

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