Thought for the day: The life of a video journalist

I don’t think I could ever do it as a career…

The countless hours setting up interviews, making sure the camera is stable and balanced, constantly keeping the concept of 3:6:9 in your head…and the hours upon hours spent editing every minor detail.

My group (who is amazing) and I have spend the last two days editing our 7 minutes documentary.

It is such a tedious thing to work on.

One wrong click with the mouse and BAM! You are starting from square one.

Does not help Final Cut Pro is a pain in the butt on a regular basis.

But seriously, video journalists…I raise my glass to you.

This job is so time consuming and tedious.

Tedious…too long, slow, or dull; tiresome or monotonous. That is truly the only work I can describe editing especially.

You spend hours upon hours looking at the same scenes…trying to place them so perfectly together…trying to have the perfect sequences.

It is a lot more work than originally thought.

I would proudly say I have a new appreciation for video journalism and documentary.

Props to you who do this for a career…you are truly inspiring….and I hope you have time for other things besides editing…

If not, that would suck…and explain quite a lot.

Cheers to you 😉

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