Thought for the day: Niece vs nephew

So my sister-in-law is soon to find out the sex of the little bun in the oven…and of course..the family/friend situation is spilt between who wants a girl and who wants a boy!

My mom, sister and I all want a girl. Reasons why?

HELLO! Pink, pink…and more PINK!

You can buy sparkles for her…and spoil her like a little princess…and it’s all rainbows, disney princess movies and unicorns.

Now, my brother and his friends want there to be a little Stuart running around.

You can throw a ball with him…buy lots of blues, greens and reds…and get to look forward to dirt and stench constantly.

Honestly, I will eat up whichever sex the baby is…because that little peanut will be my niece/nephew and I will love them forever and ever and ever 🙂

However, it sure is fun to have a little rivalry on what sex peanut will be.


I hope it is a girl.

I am ready to pass my love for pink to the next Weber in the household. 😉

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