Thought for the day: awkward situations…

You know those situations that you can’t help…and you have no idea how to respond?

Usually these situations are between you and someone who you USE to date/hook up with/liked…whatever the case may be.

Awkward situation example 1:

 When your ex “pokes you” on facebook…how odd. As my friend Sarah says…you wouldn’t poke me in person…don’t cyper poke me.

It is like flirting for the socially awkward.

Especially when its your ex and you don’t speak…and their current significant other hates you…AWKWARD!

Award situation example 2:

 When the person you use to hook up with is in the room when current person you fancy skypes you….

and they have NO IDEA! Even worse…then you feel awkward all by yourself….to make it worse?

They introduce themselves…haha…AWKWARD!

Awkward situation example 3:

When the person you use to hook up with is out with you and your friends…and he purposefully tries to get with one of your best friends…and she’s not having it.

AWKWARD!…mainly for him..that is just odd. Plus, are you really that desperate? Come on…

What to do in these situations? I have no idea…just don’t be super awkward…and just rock the situation? Sure…that works.

In these what you’ve got to do!

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