Thought for the day: Reasons I HATE February

Yes, I am one of THOSE people who despise February. It is really my least favourite month..and here are five of the reason’s why I despise this month known as February…

  1. It’s one of the colder months. It gets super cold…before the nice weather comes back!
  2. It decides to be special every few years and have less days. – Really…who thought of that confusing idea? Couldn’t we have made the number of days in this month consistent?
  3. I HATE VALENTINE’S DAY! – It is too cliché. Why do we need a reason to show our loved ones we love them. Shouldn’t that be every day?
  4. Any one who is single usually hates their lives a bit more come February… they try to find a boyfriend/girlfriend mainly because they are not comfortable being alone…even though NOTHING is wrong with that.
  5. I feel like EVERYTHING starts to pick up with classes come February. All the stress finds it way to the classrooms and students begin to pull out their hair starting NOW!

Yes, So those are my reasons for hating the month of February. Now, there are a few ups. I have a few lovely friends who have birthdays! That is always a plus to this terrible month 🙂

If you feel the pain I do when this month comes around…you are not alone…don’t worry. I will share in the hatred with you 😉

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  1. But Jordan, THIS February will be super special for us. Besides, you should be nice to February – its short, kinda cute and with a personality all its own.


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