Thought for the day: The love that never comes

Having this conversation with my little sister is something I wish I never had to do…as much as it pains me to really come to grips with this…she needs to know she is not alone and that no matter how much she wants to impress him…as long as she is happy, it in the end does not matter what he thinks..

“i know a lot of your decision have to do with worrying if he will approve..

“And telling you from my point-of-view….no matter what you do nay…he will never be proud or show you that he loves you.

“You will forever want his approval…until you realise that you know what? who cares what he thinks… he is miserable..and I would rather be happy tan miserable like him.

“You have to do what makes you happy and realise it’s not worth always trying to make him happy. He will never support you and love you like you want. trust me…. ive been there. that is just how he is.

“You really have to stop trying to make him proud…and make yourself proud rather than him…

“It makes you much happier in the end. You will always want his approval. trust me. it never goes away. but as long as you’re happy with what you’re doing…it makes all the pain and disappointment hurt a little less….

“It kills me that you are going through this… i went through it and wish you didn’t know how it felt. I am so proud of you, he will never be proud of us…EVER. No matter how hard you work…or what you do…he never sees just how lucky he is to have us in his life.

“I know it hurts…trust me, i know it does. There is not a day that goes by that I wonder why he doesn’t love me…or why he is not proud of me…

“You just have to know that YOU are proud of YOURSELF…and in the end. YOU did all you could and worked your ass off to become the woman you are…and his approval doesn’t really matter.”

It makes me cry knowing she is going through the same pain I went/am going through to this day….but I know she will come out on top..and be a better young woman for it.

I could not be more proud of her and I am so glad to have her as a sister.

I know one day he will regret not realising just how special we are in his life. He will have missed out…and we will be long gone by the time he realises…

He has lost us…for good.

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