Thought for the day: THOSE people…

Do you have those certain people who just drive you absolutely insane?

Those people who every time they talk you just want to put a fork in your eye…mainly because of the stupidity that word vomits out of their mouth.

There is a specific person I am thinking of right now that drives me, and a few of my course mates, crazy.

Every time this poor person speaks, we all attempt to tune out. If we don’t, we usually end up staring and everyone knows I don’t hide my facial expressions well…

So I apologize ahead of time.

How to you ignore these kinds of people? Or at least tolerate them a little better?

Is there any hope?

Or am I doomed to constantly hate the sound of this person’s voice?

I mean, I know this person does not mean it… But come on!

I am just thankful I am pretty decent at tolerating human beings…if not…this poor character would deal with my wrath.

Hahaha I hope you all laughed at picturing me angry…yes, it is a funny thought now isn’t it?

You’re welcome! 😉

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