Thought for the day: You are my sunshine

Everyone has those specific people who when they talk to them, they brighten your day.

It could be your family, certain friends, boyfriends, girlfriends, children…whatever the case may be…we ALL have those special people who make us smile.

My favourites are the little messages (texts, Skype, Facebook, Twitter..etc.) when whoever it is will just write you to say something along the lines of “was just thinking about you”.

Just those little hello’s that make you feel like they were thinking about you.

Those people who you will drain your phone battery for so they can Facebook chat you when they are up.

Those are the people who, although there is a 5 hours time difference, you will wait up till 3 am your time to just talk to them for 10 minutes.

Those people you don’t know how you could live without them in your life.

The ones who support you, no matter how crazy your dreams may be. The ones who always have your back. Those are the people who brighten up my life.

The people who love you for yourself…and don’t try to change you. They are always there when you need them.

They are the sunshine in your worst of days.

This post is for those people in my life who always make me smile (more than I already do) and stay in touch with me and my life all the way across the pond.

When they text me, I get that warm fuzzy feeling that brightens up my entire day.

I love those people.

They make me happy.

They make me smile and feel loved.

They are my sunshine.

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