Thought for the day: Hurts so good

You know you are out of shape when you start doing push-ups…and 30 seconds later your arms feel like they may fall off.

I went to a spinning circuit class at the gym with me neighbor on Monday…and can I just say…it kicked my butt!

The 45 minute class literally pushed me to the feeling of nausea.

Two days later…I still can barely move my body without feeling some sort of soreness.

Can I just say…AWESOME!

I mean, at the time it sucks…but in the end you feel great! Even though the amount of soreness will linger for a few days at least, you know you worked hard and deserve every single bit of soreness coming from your muscles.

Soreness is a bitter/sweet thing. I hate it, yet love it at the same time.

Although right now I mainly hate it…mainly because I can’t believe just how out of shape I am…and let myself become!

Tisk tisk on this former athlete.

I am ashamed of myself for that aspect of my life.

However, it is a new year…which means a fully fresh start! Not just in my health, but in life in general.

New year. New body. New me 🙂

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