Thought for the day: Surprising myself!

I must admit it…mainly because there is no denying it.

I don’t cook.

I can’t cook.

I am the girl you want as FAR AWAY from the stove as physically possible because I will catch the place on fire with one touch.

Once I tried to bake my friend a cake…and I don’t think it was remotely edible. I can boil water…that is my expertise.

Yes. That is me.

However, with the new challenge that lies ahead of me. It is much healthier to cook rather than buy pre-made food constantly.

So, I made it my goal to start preparing my own food. Which started tonight!

I put water on the stove, put some oil in my pan, cut up some veggies. BAM! Half way there.

I boiled some penne pasta…and put some veggies in my pan with some little prawns I bought from Sainsburys. Mixed them all together making it smell…WOAH…EDIBLE!

Yup, ya heard me folks. I made me some pasta!

Now, I know that is not completely impressive. However, if you knew me…or if you read some of my recent blog posts…you will know how I am Murphy’s Law and anything that could go bad WILL go bad…to me.

Of course my flatmates walk in and were like “Wow! You’re actually cooking yourself…and using the kitchen!”

Yes my lovely friends…that I was! Don’t be too alarmed…it will be happening more often. (I hope)

Then I get my Mommy texting me “How did you get that job?”

Well Mommy, I did not need any persuading. I actually made the conscious decision to cook dinner for myself. Her response?

“Good for you!!! I’m proud you’re doing it! 🙂 that’s how to be a good cook!”

Although I should worry that everyone is extremely surprised that I managed to make myself pasta… I am proud of myself in general.

I feel like a true adult…attempting to not give myself food poisoning from cooking my own dinner.

What will it be next? Hmm 😉

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  1. Stephanie Weber

     /  January 13, 2012

    This is big step and one that shows you are growing up and realizing the value of the dollar, or pound in your case. Just step out and try what you feel like trying…but remember that some days what you cook will not be perfect or even edible, so have a back-up stash of cereal on hand- LOL!
    When I first started trying to cook, I eventually had to remove the fire alarm in the apartment because I seemed to always burn something and set it blaring! and don’t you remember some of my early attempts at a new recipe while yall were little? After a few bites, it was soup and grilled cheese while the ‘creation’ was in the garbage. 🙂
    The first step to becoming a good cook is to take that first step and try! So I am very proud of you for taking that first step!!!! Way to go honey! 🙂

  2. Kathy

     /  January 16, 2012

    I’m so impressed and proud! Soon you will learn to enjoy and love cooking, I hope! The internet is a beautiful thing for recipes and step by step instructions! There are even instructional videos on youtube! ….but then you probably already knew that! We’ve all been there and had to start somewhere, I’m just impressed with your first step! Keep it up!


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