Thought for the day: Christmas Season brings out the crazies

I now remember why I hate going to the mall anytime NEAR Christmas.

The parking is horrendous. I literally spent longer trying to find a parking spot than I did in the actual mall.

People will play chicken with you to fight for any available parking spot.

Seriously people. Will it kill you to not fight someone when their blinker is on and they are waiting for the parking spot?

I finally gave up and just went to the very back parking lot to park. Which works. I mean you walk a whole 10 extra feet…but is it worth the less stress and zero risk of getting your car hit?


Also, it is like every person waited till today to do their Christmas shopping. Really people? You go shopping when prices are elevated and NOTHING GOOD IS LEFT!

You must be crazy.

I mean, I did my Christmas shopping a few weeks ago…and I felt like that was last minute. Come on guys, waiting till two days before…seems a little inane.

Just saying.

My advice for people. Don’t go to the mall the few days before Christmas. It is insane.

People lose their minds. People get vicious.

So much for Christmas spirit huh?

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