Thought for the day: Real life TV reporting! WOW!

We lived through day two of TV reporting and creating a live news bulletin.

(YouTube link coming soon)


I was the editor. Without a Sub Chief or an assistant. Can you say Chaos?

I was running around doing the job of three people…I felt like a chicken with my head cut off. It was a bit stressful.

We ended up getting the report out only 15 minutes after our deadline, which our tutor said was really good.

I was also the sports reporter…and after messing up “Uefa” about 20 times I got it correct and we finished that piece to camera. Got to love reporting on footie when you know nothing about it.

We had a great story line up and everyone did a great job getting their stories to me by the deadline time I set.

All-in-all…although stressful…day one was a success!


I was a reporter and the weather girl. Yup, I said weather girl…and I rocked it too!

Since the weather was prerecorded, it was easy for me to just read off the teleprompter and BAM! Done with my role as Westminster News weather girl.

As for the reporter. I left at 10 a.m. to report on a fashion story. After filming interviews and vox pops for three hours..I came back to the reporting room, captured my video, and edited.

The editing was not my best..will need some work. However, for the fact I had to edit in about 25 minutes, I thought I did rather well.

Both days were stressful, forgot to eat lunch, and at the end of the days I went to the student bar for a drink.

It was a day well spent though. I learned a lot and got a real taste for what a live news day would be like in a future career.

I was so proud of our group. We did great and no one killed each other 😉

(which in all honesty…is the most important part of this experience)

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