Thought for the day: My love/hate relationship with Final Cut Pro

Hate part of the relationship:

As if I don’t repel technology enough as it is already… Final Cut Pro decided to hate me today, multiple times.

I have no idea how people do this as their career. It took almost six hours to edit down 15 minutes of film.

A little ridiculous right?

Apparently, this is normal. WHY?!

Who created this editing software? It acts up constantly. I press a button…half my screen disappears. I try to edit…and my clips don’t show up as real material. I attempt to present my report full screen…and the button does not listen and won’t make it bigger.


I try to be nice to it. Say nice things. Talk to it like an idiot. What do I get in return? Trouble.

When I try to fix the text, it decides to become the most tedious job I have ever encountered.

Although, not all things are bad about Final Cut Pro.

Love part of the relationship:

It does make editing video fun. Although hard to get the hang of, I now have it down and can make a pretty legit report.

I am proud to say and put on a CV that I can use this pesky editing software. (Looks good for my future job options!)

Well, really…there may be more bad things about Final Cut Pro then there are good things…

In the end, all that matters is that I finish my edits before deadline as well as manage to make it look presentable.

Thanks to Final Cut Pro, both of these things are possible…well the time thing is my doing…but the making it look good is the editing software’s doing…sort of.

More like half and half.

It’s editing skills + my patience + my messing around with editing = MASTERPIECE! 😉

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