Thought for the day: Girls have telepathy

I have heard this statement multiple times since I have been here in the UK…”girls can just look at each other and know what the other is thinking”. Well, I am glad to see you guys are beginning to know how we work.

There are all sorts of looks you should be aware of gentlemen.

When you ask a girl something about going somewhere, and she has a friend near by, most of the time she will look at her friend for the “yes” or “no” look.

With girls its all about the eyes, eyebrows, and mouth. Look at those things when you ask a girl something.

If I am with a friend and we are out dancing and a creeper comes to dance with her. Without saying anything I can just tell in her eyes that she needs to be “saved”. So I swoop in a steal her from the creeper.

Guys just really don’t notice out facial expressions or body language enough to know when we are totally not interested. Or, in some cases, are completely interested in them or what they’re saying.

I don’t see what is so hard about noticing the little things…like eyebrow movement. It could say all you need to know.

Maybe that is why girls can read guys better than guys can read girls? Any thoughts gentlemen? Defend yourselves here a little bit.

I love knowing my girl friends can know what I am thinking before I even say something.

It’s like girls have a form of telepathy, making them read each other’s minds without actually doing so.

Maybe this is why girls rule? I think yes 😉

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  1. I doubt any married man is going to accept your invitation to talk about this topic. There is absolutely no up side for a guy here.

  2. Childish mind adult intentions

     /  November 22, 2011

    i can honestly say that i miss the tells every single time!
    I know the signs are there and i can tell with very few women…but i admit i am useless

    However… Do women notice mens subtle signs?? Cause there are some… Obviously forget about the creeper types!

  3. Devin Perkins

     /  November 26, 2011

    Im a firm believer that most females have no clue what they want from a guy. It all depends on a woman’s mood and BAC hahaha. Yall may have telapathy on minor issues but after some time the average guy can read thier woman if he wants to…Just Sayin’ lol

  4. have got to be joking me


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