Thought for the day: Thank you NHS…sort of…

Making a trip to the local A&E was fun. I’ve been in this country for what? Two months, and I am already making a trip to the emergency room.

There are good and bad things about the NHS and what it does for health care in the UK…

Good thing: ITS FREE! That is always nice. So, my little trip today did not cost me anything, which is great since I am in a foreign country and needed medical advice…and I am a slacker and have not gotten a GP (Doctor) yet.

It was, surprisingly, pretty quick too. I was only there for a little over a hour and they got me in to be consulted, x-rayed, and out.

Only bad thing, since it is free to those who need it, means that you get the cheapest fix for your issue.

For me, which I ended up severely spraining my left ankle, means they tell me “take advil and keep up your normal routine”.

So I questionally asked about the fact that walking is extremely painful… and the response I got was “that is why you keep walking on it, it will heal itself. Walking will keep it loose.”

Glad walking on the thing that is killing me will keep is “loose” however, means I will be baby-ing my foot to keep the pain away…OR I will walk normal (pain and all) and pray it does not make it worse.

I am not really sure how this will turn out for me… but I am thinking tomorrow I will find me a GP and get a second opinion.

Especially since not being able to put weight on one of my feet seems like a bad thing? Don’t really know.

Either way, I am glad that it was free to get it checked, since at home it would cost much much more than that to have gotten an x-ray and all that jazz.

However, a real solution for my foot would have been nice… just saying.

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  1. Stephanie Weber

     /  November 20, 2011

    I think that is a wise idea to get a 2nd opinion…..


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