Thought for the day: Team Edward vs Team Jacob

After watching the newest of the Twilight movies last night (Breaking Dawn part 1) I figured, why not keep the twilight theme going with making it my thought for the day.

One of the biggest arguments that “Twi-hearts” come across is, are you team Jacob…or team Edward?

Edward is the perfect guy. Charming, gorgeous, sparkly in sunlight…to bad he loves to eat blood. That is a downside. If you can get past the cold skin, no sleeping, “I drink animal blood so I don’t eat you” thing…then he is perfect.

Jacob on the other hand is a mischievous, hot tempered, well fit guy who is has a heart beat and is loyal no matter what. Downside, he is a werewolf with a short temper. However, he won’t kill you, he will protect you with his life. Plus, he is exotic looking. If that is you thing then BAM! You must be on his team.

Now, in the books, I was without a doubt team Edward. I was caught by the vampire charm and his sparkle. It was the love every girl wants and wishes for. However, in the movies, I feel like his character was not portrayed in the same sense as your imagination sees him in the books.

Which is why, once the movies came out, I totally became a Jacob fan. Not only because Taylor Lautner is GORGEOUS, but also because Jacob is always there even though Bella never picks him.

I rather have the guy that is the friend who is always loyal, rather than “Mr. Perfect” who up and leaves me depressed for MONTHS because he thinks it is “best for me”. Please. Lame excuse.

So I am a self proclaimed Team Jacob fan. To bad it ruins it for me that he imprints on the baby. How freaking creepy. It is a baby. Stephanie Meyers you killed it for me at that point. Thank you.

Even though that creeps me out…Team Jacob! Woot woot! 😉

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