Thought for the day: Time waits for no one

I tend to forget about things, especially when it comes to the things going on at home while I am here in London. This weekend was a realisation to me that time will not stop while I am not home. People are growing up, starting new chapters in their lives, and doing all sorts of great things. Without me present.

My bestfriend, who I have no since age 4, got married this past weekend. My mom was nice enough to accept the invitation and BBM (blackberry messenger) me pictures throughout the ceremony. I was there in spirit as she walked down the isle, as she was glowing in her pretty white dress. I was there when he grandfather got up to say a few words. I was there when she said I do.

While she was saying “I do” and starting a new life with her husband, I was sitting at the England vs Spain footy game. How surreal is that? As I received the picture messages and play-by-play of the wedding, I teared up knowing that I was half way across the world and was missing such a big step in my friends life.

Another moment I wish I could have been home to support. My sister took her first trip to visit friends half way across the state of Florida, at FSU (Florida State Univ.). She has never traveled so far by herself, especially by bus. No parental supervision. I wish I would have been able to be there to give a small pep-talk to her. Tell her behave, you know…normal, protective big sister to little sister talks.

Tears flowed again later that evening when I realised I was also missing out my on my baby brothers very first JV (Junior varsity) american football banquet. I was lucky enough to see his very first game, however, I missed all the others due to being so far away. My mom got me most with telling me how much he missed me. My little brother and I have a special bond since I am the oldest, he is the youngest. He is my baby. I wish I could have been there to support him finishing up his first season.

I love London. I love everyone here. However, it saddens me thinking that I am missing so many memorable things in my family and friends lives back home. I am missing friends baby’s births, missing baby showers, missing weddings, birthday, sporting moments. I am missing a lot.

The sense of homesickness has slightly hit me this weekend, but I know it is all worth it and they understand. Whilst I miss vital things in their lives, they are also missing things in mine. I am being a bit of an emotional girl when I think of missing such things (especially as a big sister).

I know my family and friends forgive me for not being there, and whenever it is I see them again we will act like we have still seen each other everyday. LOVE.

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  1. Stephanie

     /  November 15, 2011

    aw honey – I am just so thankful for BBM and FT…and all the other technology that lets you be here and there pretty much at the same time!! We love you and support you…..and know that when you are able to get back home it will be just like you have not been gone at all! ❤


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