Thought for the day: It’s beginning to feel like Christmas

Oh Christmas time. The cool air. The lights. The smell of peppermint hot chocolate filling the local Starbucks stores. Just one little issue… It is only November. THE BEGINNING OF NOVEMBER. We have not even past Thanksgiving yet, let alone we just finished up Halloween.

I know Thanksgiving is not a European thing, however…Christmas is soooo far away still. Why are we already showing our Christmas spirit by having every retail store play the favourite Christmas song selection of the generations.

Why are we in such a rush to get to Christmas? I mean, I know the main reason is to SELL SELL SELL. However, Christmas is supposed to be a special time to enjoy family and friends, have a get together, kiss under the mistletoe, and share gifts with one another out of love. And of course…remembering the true meaning of Christmas.

Christmas has become just like every other holiday…utterly and without a doubt commercialised. We get to focused about the hustle and bustle of buying the “perfect” present for everyone, throwing the “perfect” Christmas party, and finding the “perfect” someone to ride in a white horse open slay with (please…a majority of men are NOT that romantic. False hope ladies. Just saying).

Can we celebrate one holiday at a time and not rush into the next one without thinking and reflecting on the one that just passed? People will buy things for Christmas no matter what. Retail stores can wait a few extra days before “decking the halls” of their shop with lights, decorations, and playing Christmas music.

I love Christmas music. Don’t kill it for me England. Give Christmas a few more weeks until it starts full force. Oh wait, to late…the lights are up on Oxford Street. Christmas is coming. All that I need to complete this feeling of good tidings is snow. Can we go all out London? Give me snow. Complete my Christmas feelings. Thank you 🙂

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