Thought for the day: Kindergarten crush syndrome

You know when you go back to school, what is the first thing most people do? Look around the room to see if there is any “potential” in your classmates. Or maybe that is just me…(don’t lie to yourselves, you do it too).

Well, first things you notice are if someone is attractive. You notice things like hair, eyes, smile, clothing…and from there you decide if it is worth finding out their name and Facebook stalking them a bit to find out the important details: like if they are single or in a relationship. That is always the MOST IMPORTANT thing to find out. Since we all know, the worst thing ever is crushing on someone who has a girlfriend/boyfriend.

After you do the Facebook stalking technique and find out they are single (happy scenario here), then is when you decide whether to snag the empty seat next to them in class…just to start introductions and conversation. Even though at this point…they already know you exist because of the Facebook request. Sometimes this works to your advantage…other times not so much.

By this point you are already dealing with a little situation I like to call “Kindergarten Crush Syndrome”. This is what happens when you are 5-years-old and the little boy/girl in your class shares his/her plato with you. You are instantly in love with him/her because of this moment you shared. Same thing happens…just more in an adult manner.

Now, you can have a Kindergarten crush on more than one person. Since it is just a crush. You only have to worry if that crush becomes more…but let’s be real. Normally we have crushes on people who will not give us the time of day. Usually. I have a crush on Taylor Lautner (Yes, I am a cougar sometimes) but that will NEVER HAPPEN. Just like my crush on Prince Harry, please, that is even more unlikely than the Twilight star.

Either way, it is just a crush and i love having little kindergarten crushes on people. It is part of being human. Welcome to natural attraction and the dating world. 🙂

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  1. Sarah

     /  November 10, 2011

    Your crush on Prince Harry is only very unlikely because he is already in love with me. I’m sorry. I love you, but I get him 😉


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