Thought for the day: Nice guys always finish last

There is the saying “nice guys always finish last”, is there truth to this myth…for both women and men? Do the nice people find it harder to get relationships because the opposite sex does not want the nice guy/girl, they want the bad guy/girl? I believe this statement is an extent. Here are my reasons.

For Guys: You may think girls don’t want the nice guy. You may believe you will never find someone because the girls you are around only want the rebel, the bad boy, you all know what I am talking about. Well, my advice for you…GO FIND NEW GIRLS TO BE AROUND. If the girls you are around only want the bad boys then usually they are not looking for a long term relationship, and are just living in the moment. Deep down all girls KNOW that the bad boys will screw them over in the long run. As a girl I know we (girls) go through the “I want a bad boy” stage..however, once we mature and realise we want to eventually start a family, we stop looking for the rebel and begin looking for someone we can have a future with. This is not to say there are not exceptions to this rule…of course bad boys can change and become family men. I am just strictly focusing on the fact that bad boys aren’t forever, nice guys are.

For Girls: Ladies, I have been there. You think the guys only go for the drop dead, gorgeous girls who will do…well…I won’t say it, but you know what I am thinking. Trust is, same as us, guys usually grow out of this stage. Although there is always the bad girl attraction guys like…they secretly want a family eventually. Let’s be real girls, we all know there are girls you can take home…and girls you can take home to meet your parents. Which one are you? That should answer your worries.

AGAIN, not saying there are not exceptions to these scenarios. I am just merely writing on the views on the people who think that since they are nice that the opposite sex will not like them. Don’t change who you are to appeal to others, you won’t be happy with yourself in the end. There is someone out there for EVERYONE, just be yourself and keep your eyes open to people around you.

Who knows, that special someone might be somewhere you don’t even expect….those are the best situations anyways you know. 😉

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