Thought for the day: To be a veg head…or not?

For about a year of my life I was a vegetarian. Not by choice, but by a stress induced allergic reaction….I am a mess I know. However, believe it or not, I did not miss meat that much when I could not eat it. My body felt better. I had more energy. It was fantastic. So my recent thought process has been to consider whether or not I should go back to being a “veg head” or if I should stay a carnivore.

In London, I have found that literally every place you go has some sort of vegetarian option, making it much easier for me to be a veggie lover here, rather than back home in the States. I mean, usually when I am out I pick the veggie option anyways…just out of habit (and of course love for vegetables.. MMM)

I mean once you get use to the idea of not eating meat…and the cravings for meat go away, you really don’t miss it. I know you’re probably thinking “ya right! How can you NOT miss meat?” Well, I promise you. After not eating meat for a month or so, you really don’t think about it and don’t miss it in your diet. Plus, you will FEEL the difference. Meat is hard for your body to digest anyways, so really, you are body will love you for at least not eating tons of it…let alone any of it.

Does this make me crazy for wanting to be vegetarian again? I mean if I feel healthier, and I have more energy because I am eating better…does that mean I am nuts for cutting meat out of my diet? I mean, I guess I would be more of a pescaterian because I will eat fish on occasion..I can not resist some good sushi!

Looks like with this thought I have convinced myself. As of today. I am back to being a veg head. Carrots and celery…here I come! 😉

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  1. Jordan – you have way too much time on your hands.


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