Thought for the day: What is the point of eyebrows?

My thought for the day is all about random parts of our bodies that make no sense almost to have…they are just there. Although, there is always a reason we were so uniquely crafted with such detail, some parts still are odd.

  1. Lets discuss eyebrows. Eyebrows make no sense to me. I mean, everyone would look super odd if they did not have eyebrows, but what is their purpose other than to balance out a face?  I mean, do they really have any point of even being on our faces? I mean if everyone shaved their eyebrows..we would all look normal. Plus, we always have to maintain them and make them not so bushy and controlling of our faces…so why even have them?
  2. Finger nails…Why the heck do we have fingernail? I mean seriously. They are on top of our fingers..and the most important question is WHY DO WE PAINT THEM? Who thought “hmm, let us paint these things on our fingers with pretty colours.” Come on. Genius, YES. However it is such an odd tradition we have created as the human race. I mean, it is awesome, but how random!
  3. Toes. What? We have them for balance, I get that. However. Why do we have five on each foot? And why do they vary in sizes. Toes are so weird. They wiggle, they stink on occasion, what is the point? Fingers at least are used to grab things..toes are not. They are just there. I just can not comprehend why we need them? They trip us. The break. You don’t really need them.
  4. Belly buttons are another odd one. When you are in the womb you get fed through the belly button. However, why don’t we just stitch it up after you’re born? I mean what does it do for us now as adults? I mean, mine is pierced. So, it looks all pretty with a sparkly thing in it.
  5. Why must our nose stick out? Why can’t we just have holes in our faces for us to breathe out of. Instead of a giant honker coming out of our faces. Can’t we just have a nose like Voldemort from Harry Potter? That would be attractive. I vote yes to no noses. We can all look like we’re a bad guy from a HP movie. FABULOUS!
Anyone else agree with this? Why do we have these things. I could have kept going…like hair. Why do we have SO MUCH BODY HAIR when we shave most of it off anyways. We will leave that for another thought of the day though. For now, ponder these odd, almost useless body parts. Cheers! 😉
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