Thought for the day: Procrastination at its finest

Things I should be doing today…and my excuses for NOT doing them:

  • Vacuum. Reason for not doing it? I have to then walk ALL THE WAY to reception. Bring the hoover all the way back to my room. THEN return the hoover back to reception when finished and then walk back to my nicely vacuumed room. To much walking? Yes…I am lazy.
  • Eat lunch. Reason for not doing it? Because then that would require me to get out of bed, walk to to kitchen, be social with my other flatmates, make food, and of course..CLEAN UP afterwards. To much effort for something silly like eating…
  • Organize my desk. Reason for not doing it? Well, that one is simple. I can easily find everything when it is messy…so if it is cleaned, then I would not be able to find anything (at least that is what I keep trying to convince myself to believe).
  • Laundry. Again…just like getting the vacuum. I have to walk all the way to the laundry room and since I have terrible luck.. I would probably have to make a few trips just to get an open washer. Back and forth and back and forth.
  • Look for work experience. Reason for not doing this? Oh wait… I did that yesterday…just kidding! 😉
  • Organize shoes. Reason for not doing this? Well, if I have not vacuumed yet, why would I organize my shoes when they will need to be moved anyways? I will wait till after I vacuum.
  • Hang clothes up. Reason for not doing this? Pure laziness. I have no other excuse.
  • Work out. Reason for not doing this? Oh same old same old excuse every time…it’s to far of a walk. I already showered. My feet hurt. I walked enough as it was today. I don’t have time. I’ll ruin my make-up (even though I don’t have any on). Blah blah blah…I really don’t have a good excuse that works for this one.
It is Saturday. My day off. Psshh…why would I want to be productive? Point made. I think I will curl back up in my bed now, cheers!
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  1. Monica Sarkar

     /  November 5, 2011

    You and walking really don’t mix, do they? 😛

  2. Stephanie

     /  November 7, 2011

    so you are saying your room in London now looks like your room at home? 😉

  3. So now we see why you like London so much – you can just be lazy and none of your old taskmaters are around to disburb you!


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