Thought for the day: Did I miss the memo?

Everyone around me is getting engaged…married…having babies (not in that order either). Did I miss a memo that went out saying rush into your adult life?

I mean, not everyone I am referring to jumped the gun a little bit, however some I think are trying to start their family life to soon before they even establish themselves and realise who they are as a person first. Why would you bring another person into the mix if you are confused about your identity? Did you even bother to sit down and think about rushing into marriage before doing so? Let alone…ADDING A BABY to your already messed up life?

WHAT IS EVERYONE’S RUSH? Did I miss that point in my life where I am suppose to meet someone….a month later marry them…then a few months after that have a baby? Seriously? Number one issue I have with this…why rush into marriage? Get to know someone before you make that commitment. Makes sense? No? Am I crazy for thinking that is a good idea? Issue Number two. If you and your partner just got married…why not establish yourself as a couple before adding a poor, innocent baby to the mix.

NEWS FLASH: A BABY DOES NOT FIX EVERYTHING…then again neither does rushing off to get married…

If this is offencive to anyone I apologise. I am just confused as to what people’s rush is to start a family? Enjoy your life before settling down. Maybe that is just me…but I certainly have other things to accomplish in my life before I start a family of my own.

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  1. I totally agree. I think people rush into things. They think marriage is a fix or a baby, when in reality it is not! Babies do not fix a troubled relationship and more importantly, they will NOT make a guy stay with you. Before Josh and I got married, we were together for 6 ½ years (7 in February)and lived together for almost 3 years. I’d say I know him inside and out, bad habits, good, annoying ticks, plus before we got married we went through 3 months of really hardcore pre-marital counseling to uncover what we might not have known about each other, which wasn’t too much considering we are very open and have been together for a long time. The main problem is, people don’t take marriage or starting a family seriously. They just do. Great post!

  2. Hi Jordan – You are so right. As one speaking from the other end of the spectrum (having successfully raised 2 boys and with my 40th anniversary coming up in January), I will tell you that marriage and child-raising are marathons, not sprints. If you enter into either or both for any reason other than the long term, it will not work out and can back fire big time (the lawyer speaking now). Passion is great, love blissful, but marriage and parenthood are not short term decisions. Bill


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