Thought for the day: Happy Halloween!

Today is Halloween! So I must say happy! Let’s talk about the awesomeness of Halloween…shall we?

Let’s start with the fact you get to dress up. How much fun is to be whatever you want once a year (maybe more if you go to more parties than just one). I mean this year I have managed to be from the 80’s and Captain America. Who does not love Halloween…I mean how many times a year do you get to by a super hero? Can you blame people for enjoying the dressing up factor of this holiday?

Another great thing..TRICK OR TREATING! Free candy!! Who can complain.. I mean it may make you obese…or have a MASSIVE tummy ache for the next week..but it is free candy. Who cares? Totally worth it right..? Uhhh not sure about that one…but maybe, depends on how good the candy is I suppose. I know that totally made me sound super American… but I we teach children about Halloween by associating it with free candy.

Halloween is no longer scary! That is a plus for the kiddies in the world…I believe. I mean, I am still a bit afraid of the dark still (pathetic I know) so I enjoy seeing fun, happy costumes rather than scary, bloody, mean costumes. Then again, I like thinking the world is made of marshmellows and teddy bears….not realistic I know, but welcome to inside my head. So, I enjoy Halloween being kid friendly.

I think Halloween is a fun holiday…and I enjoy that it has made its way from scary to fun and enjoyable. I love the free candy (as long as it is not cheap crap candy), and I LOVE DRESSING UP.  🙂

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