Thought for the day: Lets discuss this thing called blogging…

Blogging. Some people love it. Other people hate it. Why is that?

People who love it: Maybe it has something to do with the idea that you have a place to voice your opinion. Not meaning all blogs are about opinion, I know of some blogs that are more “straight to the point, news based”, which is fine too. Some people just like having a voice and getting their thoughts out into the open, even if no one really reads it…at least it is out in there.

People who hate it: I can see people’s hesitation to blog. Blogging can be a very personal matter. Why the heck would anyone really care what you have to say about a certain subject? What is the point of spending hours writing about something to have no one care…or for anyone to get into your own personal thoughts?

I personally use to hate blogging. I found it awkward and inconvenient. I only recently started blogging because I figured writing about my experiences and things that were on my mind here, would be easier than posting it on Facebook or Twitter. I also was not understand why anyone would want to read things from my point of view… I mean I can really go on rants about nothingness sometimes, which I guess now makes my blog more personalized. Now, I blog daily…not thinking much about what people think about it. I want people to laugh with me and my crazy stories, sympathize with me when I am having a bad day, and find interest in the same news stories that interest me.

At the end of the day, I just want to teach someone something new. Even possibly give them a point of view that they would not have thought of themselves. Blogging is a bit weird, and at first it is something most are not comfortable with. However, once you get started…you get addicted. Then its GAME OVER 😉

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