Thought for the day: Nutella…best creation ever?

Last week we have a girls movie night. What is a movie night without girl talk and… Nutella? This I have heard of, but I have never eaten it before…so this was a new addition to girls night that I had never experienced. Now.. I see what I was missing. Nutella is DELICIOUS. I am pretty sure I have been deprived for not tasting this yummy, party in my mouth. haha!

Today is a Nutella kind of day. I literally could not force myself to get out of bed.. so by the time noon rolled around I realised I needed to stop being pathetic and get up. Oh and its a girls favourite time. Needless to say, the nutty, chocolatety goodness of Nutella made my morning from pathetic to…well…only slightly pathetic.

At least I got out of bed and brushed my hair….right? 😉

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  1. I’ve never tried Nutella … perhaps I should!?


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